Yield Estimation Refined

Make collecting your yield information simple, secure and accessible anywhere.
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Take Your Yield Data Capture Online

Vure is a mobile and cloud based viticulture information system. Vure is designed to help remove the hassles, headaches and inefficiencies in yield estimation data capture.

Out With The Old

Yield estimation can be a time consuming and difficult process. Up until now it has relied on laborious paper based systems which need to be printed out, manually filled in, perhaps get lost in translation, wet or damaged, then eventually uploaded into an Excel spreadsheet by hand before the collected data can even be used.

In With The New

By replacing paper and spreadsheets, Vure allows viticultural teams to gain the benefits of a modern workflow. It frees them from doing frustrating, error prone and low value manual data handling work, while simultaneously adding new valuable tools to use in the field.

Yield Sample Capture

Save time and money by removing the need to manually upload collected data. Use the Vure mobile app to collect a variety of data, from bud and inflorescence counts through to pre-veraison estimates and maturity samples. Everything is automatically synchronized to the cloud for you, ready to download into your yield master spreadsheet.

  • Support for eight different sample types to match your workflows
  • Collect data with multiple people in the same block
  • Add comments to sample runs to convey critical information
  • GPS coordinates of each sample point are automatically captured
  • Track when, where and who took the samples
  • Build historical records of raw yield data for analysis in the future

Flexible Sample Regimes

Take your sampling to the next level by prescribing complex sampling location regimes for your samplers to follow when they are out in the field. From true random through to bay or vine level location specification, bring full control to your sampling.

  • Set up sampler workflows with an easy to use web interface
  • Create regimes for individual blocks and even specific sample types such as bud counts or inflorescence counts, or for all sample types at once.
  • Create regimes based on random sampler selection, patterns or prescribed locations, based on both rows and vine levels
  • Specify the target number of sample points for samplers to collect and track progress in real time
  • Works seamlessly with both Yield Sample Capture and Pest & Disease Modules

Pest & Disease Monitoring

Based on the same technology as Vure’s Yield Sample Capture system, Vure’s Pest & Disease module makes collecting disease incidence and severity data simple and easy.

  • Geo-referenced severity, incidence rates and pest counts
  • Add photos for sharing visual information with key staff
  • Download collected data into spreadsheets for analysis and integration into your existing workflows
  • At-a-glance yield sample targets and patterns make it easy to get new staff started

In-Field Observations

Seamlessly take notes while you're out in the field, no more pens and notepads required. Avoid the need for tedious text messages or emails by sharing notes and photos directly with other people on Vure at the push of a button. Easily search for old notes at any time, even if you're offline.

  • Automatic block detection allows you to effortlessly start taking notes
  • Clean uncluttered interface makes managing notes a breeze
  • GPS location of each note is saved
  • No more irrigation leaks left unchecked for weeks - Tag people into notes to notify them via email if there is an urgent item to follow up on

How it Works

Vure streamlines the data movement between in-field activity and in-office viticulture

"Vure has been a game changer for our crop forecasting - what previously took 3 weeks we can now complete in less than 2 weeks."

— David Bullivant, Babich Wines

"With Vure our sampling team can now get across all our vineyards, without the nightmare of paper everywhere. We found that even our non-tech savvy team members were able to use the app after just one training session."

— Melissa Tripe, JTC Viticulture

"Vure has streamlined our yield estimation. Having the ability to send sample data through in real time and having the data in an easy-to-use  form has been extremely valuable. We’ve gained efficiencies and look forward to using Vure in years to come."

— Adam Buist, Yealands

"Vure has improved the speed and accuracy of our yield estimation by removing unwanted duplication and limiting human error. Having all of our block data easily accessible in one place made it easier for our team to know what and where they are supposed to be sampling."

— James Bowskill, Framingham Wines

"Vure has been a game changer for our crop forecasting - what previously took 3 weeks we can now complete in less than 2 weeks."

— David Bullivant, Babich Wines

Why Use It?

Do it Once, Do it Right

Capture data out in the field once, then just let it sync.

  • Simple Data Collection - The Vure mobile app is simple and easy to use.
  • Reduce Data Entry Errors - Avoid errors that come with double entry.
  • Automatic Synchronisation - Data collected in the field is automatically synchronized to the cloud.

Anywhere, Anytime

Capture and access your data without limits.

  • Online or Offline - Vure will still work if you go out of range.
  • Standardisation Information - Get the data out of people's heads and into Vure where everyone can access it.
  • In-field Management - Do everything you need to with the mobile app out in the field.

Use it Your Way

Use your existing sampling methods.

  • Built Around Your Systems - Vure allows you to keep using the same sample methods that work for you.
  • Simple Specialised Sampling Setup - Easily set up sampling patterns and target counts for individual blocks.
  • Your Device, Your Way - Vure works natively on both Android and iOS.

The Future with Vure

Vure is just getting started. With continual input from viticulturists and wineries, we aim to bring in industry leading features that will help shape the future of winery and viticulture operations.

Next Up

Some projects we have in our pipeline include:

  • Algorithmic machine learning sample data collection optimisation
  • Expanded map visualisation
  • Machine vision integration for live disease identification assistance
  • Automated analytics based insights

Talk to us about how you can be part of changing viticulture from the inside out.

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